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Take this as you will my friend,

Normalcy is whatever you define it to be in your head, and nobody can take it away from you. Comfort is found not in a place that makes you feel safe but in a place that keeps you sane and makes you angry and sad and wondering "What the fuck?". Comfort is a little kid shaking a snowglobe and all the little artificial snowflakes are emotions. They flutter around and look beautiful, a place that makes you feel 'safe' simply eases your troubles and takes away your cares.

However cares are what keep you alive. You think a soldier fighting for the people he/she loves and for people who dont share the freedom his/her loved ones share, feels safe in combat? No but he/she feels comfort knowing that what he/she is doing is going to help someone. To others, the battlefeild might not seem "normal" but to him/her it is normal. Its just another day in the office.

Theres alot of things you can question until your eyes pop out of your skull but that doesnt mean youll find all the answers you want. Be happy with what you have, you have a womam that sees you as her world, you have people who care about you. Your a lucky man..

Thats just my personal opinion. Not a flame, or an order. Not pushing anything. Just stating what I think.
Because sometimes when you love something, you need to let it go..
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