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Originally Posted by FigNewtonian View Post
Why does that worry you? You love both men, both men love you. If it's a thing that both of them are into, where's the harm? Some people get hot and bothered with the thought of their SO with another person. It's a thing.
I'll just say too - it doesn't matter how much partners want to watch you - do you want to be watched? If you're not comfortable I would suggest declining no matter how much one or both of them would enjoy it. Maybe someday you would be interested in it too, but if you're not now, I wouldn't risk the happiness and comfort you're enjoying now just to fulfill somebody elses fantasy.

edit: I see you say in another thread that you're not comfortable with it. Hopefully if you ask him to stop bringing it up he will, hopefully he isn't pressuring you. Don't let 2/3 of you being OK with it make you give in to peer pressure to please anybody.
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