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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Your response is rather flippant. Where's the harm? How about if she is simply not an exhibitionist and is uncomfortable with it happening? That's good enough reason not to. Perhaps there isn't really any reason to worry about her two men and how they will handle it, but the "harm" could be in how it affects her if she gives in to doing something she really doesn't want to, or would feel compromised in some way for participating. Aurelie has every right to take her time in considering it, and every right to say "no" if she doesn't want to. Just because they're both into the idea doesn't mean they automatically get to do it. If she's uncomfortable with it, her wishes should be respected. It's her sex life, her body.
Let's not read too deeply between the lines there. You can see the response as flippant, if you choose, but it started with "Why does that worry you?"
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