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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
And why don't you know? You have every right to ask how many people he is involved with and what safety precautions he takes with each.
It must be my mono mindset--youíd be a pretty insecure, jealous type to harangue your partner with your suspicions about infidelity. I know that he isnít sleeping with anyone else, well besides his wife of course, but worry that he might want to. Itís another aspect of poly that I need to come to terms with.

I really appreciate everyoneís comments about talking to my partner (boyfriend? lover? Gosh, I'm not even sure what to call him) about all this. I think I should try to, even if itís only to let him know how much I care for him.

It was very helpful to read your posts Newtoday, so many similar sentiments!!
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