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Originally Posted by SLJ View Post
Well I've been more outgoing lately and even joined OKC and met some guys and that seems to be going ok. But, the guys seem to think I"m lying and that I want to "cheat" on my husband. I try to tell them what type of relationship I'm in and that yes my SO knows and his girlfriend knows I'm going on dates. I seem to have to over explain and they still think I"m "cheating". What do I need to do to tell them or explain more clearly that I'm in a poly relationship?
Do a keyword search on OKC for the words, "poly," "polyamory," and "polyamorous." See what other polyfolk put on their profiles and do a little borrowing of a phrase here and there to suit you. Often times, poly peeps provide a link in their profile to a poly information site like, or to their partners' OKC profile(s) if they have any.
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