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Default 10 months

well.... I don't know how long NRE generally lasts, but I know my husband came out of it last week... some 10 months after meeting his girlfriend.
It was really strange, he had been with her for the weekend and when he came home I could just feel the shift, he immediately started saying to me how much he enjoyed seeing me and spending time with me... (instead of being withdrawn for a couple of hours - like I always am when I come home from an extended date - to make the transgression). He told me about their weekend and that there had been some tension. It was like all of a sudden, he no longer idealized her but saw her as a real person, with flaws and personality traits that may be less compatible with his than he originally thought.

And while his NRE has given me some major trouble (he did some pretty stupid and inconsiderate things while being blinded by it) I now feel kind of sad that that time of the fairy tale is gone.
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