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I've been thinking about what rory wrote and I don't really have much to add. She described the situation and my feelings very accurately. I haven't been the best partner lately with my own emotions getting in the way of being able to be supportive. I would love to say "I'll support you whatever you decide" but my selfish side is saying it's going to be damn hard to support the decision that would make me so sad. But I guess I have no choice but to really try to take myself out of the equation and see things through rory's eyes. I know this isn't easy for her either.

I'm just so tired of being in a LDR. I've been counting months when I get to be in the same country with her. The disappointment of her moving away just when I thought the long distance thing was over would be huge. Also, the LDR has been possible in the first place because of my freelance job and ability to work from wherever. Now that I'm looking for a permanent position in Dream City it wouldn't be easy to see each other as often as before if we lived in different countries. But still, I think we could make it work somehow. I have faith in us, faith in our love that will carry us through all this.
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