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These people are in a different place in stages of faith development. Probably "dependence" (mclennan) or "stage 3" (fowler) place.

More on stages:

Fowler --
Fowler --
McClennan --

And it is unfortunate this person interprets their path teachings as teaching "black and white naughty or nice." You aint' of this path ergo you MUST be naughty -- AND can't just think it in their heads and leave it in there. But have to hurl it out at others.

It's annoying, but endure with grace as much as possible. All paths have their INTERESTING characters -- doesn't mean the path in general isn't a decent path. Just that the student on the path is maybe not yet well developed? I dunno. Maybe just a nutter and NO amount of religious education/faith development would help.

"Look, I'm not of your path. That's about it." and let it go usually works for me.

Once I had to tell someone who was telling me I was going to hell more firmly - "Ok. Guess I'll have to answer to God and take the heat when I get there then! No heaven for me. You win."

And that took all the wind out of their sails.

I'm sorry you had to deal in that tho. Let's hope they continue to grow in their faith. Or at least in their manners.


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