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Originally Posted by km34 View Post
A triad or even a vee in a poly situation shouldn't be about humiliation. Poly is a loving connection between multiple people. Could cuckolding be a part of a poly situation? Yes, but in a traditional cuck relationship, the third person (the second guy in the example) is only involved sexually, not romantically. So, while they could overlap, I don't think they are inherently connected at all.
I would add that unless all people are experienced in D/s, and the person being humiliated gets some kind of satisfaction out of being humiliated, then this kind of dynamic would likely put a lot of strain on a polyamorous relationship. It's one thing when the "better man" goes home, never to be seen again or at least not to be seen intimately on a regular basis... but a big part of jealousy is insecurity, and this is one of the few things that can truly give a person reason to feel justifiably insecure...
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