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My boyfriend Nathan wants to watch Scott And I having sex. It is something that I was hoping he would lose interest in once he got to actually know him, he hasn't though, he still wants to watch us. It's not something that I'm that comfortable with, and I don't really understand it.

The 'cuckold' thing has been discussed on my own thread, it's something that Nathan and I have also talked about. It was fun for him, but as he has said himself in one of his posts, it was only fun while it was fun, and done during sex play. The minute I tried to talk about it seriously, while we were not being sexual, he lost all interest.

He was turned on by me talking about how Scott had a bigger dick, and how he lasts longer, and how he gives me more orgasms. Why? He says that it turns him on to think of me getting that much pleasure, he also says that is why he wants to watch us. To see that!

There is no humiliation aspect to it though.
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