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So my hubs is going out tonight with his girlfriend. its his first date out in the community. He's kind of nervous so Hopefully things go well for him. Me I'm sitting at home watching the NBA finals...yeah he's not a real big sports fan but I am.

We also spoke the other night. We usually update eachother on what's happening in our dating lives, our child, you know day to day things and our topic drifted into preferences. I had mentioned that a woman had hit on me that day and I was not sure how I felt about that. He asked if I was offended and i thought about it and no i wasn't but i also wasn't attracted. That "spark', for lack of a better word, just wasnt there for me. He seemed a bit disapponted but i really hadn't thought about a female as being in my guy category. But, anyway, so we spoke and he told me that he is attracted to some males and wouldn't be opposed to pursuing a possible relationship with one.

Shocking?? No, interesting, well, yes. i mean my husband and I have been married for 10 years and i didn't know he was attracted to the same sex. Does it bother me? no not really. I mean its just another aspect to our relationship and gives him more options. He himself seemed a little freaked out that he even told me and kept asking me if it was okay and if I was weirded out? Not really. I don't feel our love has conditions so I wouldn't deny him a part of himself. I think its kind of cool.
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