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Hmm, so got an e-mail this morning from Ella - C just broke up with her.

Chatted w/ Carob. He hadn't been feeling the sparks (I knew this) but previous to today had been open to keep exploring. So the break up was and wasn't a surprise to me. He said it wasn't planned but felt like the right thing to do at the time. Thinks they'll make good friends.

Skyped w/ Ella. She's okay about things so far, feels like there's an emotional wave yet to break but... yeah. Apparently it was pretty amicable. They had brunch, she dropped him at work.

Talked a bit about what this means for us. I like her and would like to get to know her more. She feels the same about me. So... I guess it's a "triad becoming a V" situation. I don't think I would have sought out this relationship (with Ella) if it hadn't happened the way it did, but it's okay. I'm glad she's in my life, and open to seeing where this goes.

Will be slowly, but I think we're both okay with that. Kinda low-key too. Both of us seem to keep busy with various things. There's this guy Patrick that she has liked for some time. He likes her too but is just out of a messy relationship and isn't keen to rush into a new one. They've been hanging out platonically... maybe something will come of that.

Right now Ella's off drinking w/ friends. Sago is at work (I made porridge for us this morning with couscous added to the oats cos we ran out of oats... Was quite tasty actually! Like a mix of porridge & semolina pudding) I'm yet to start my day... canoodled briefly with Carob & Ella and processing things. Now back to a quite busy schedule (actually). Heaps to finish before I head off end next month.

No idea how things will change for Carob and Ella... There was some tension in their relationship (internal workings I won't go into here) that I think has been released by this.

I guess this is the interesting part of poly relationships, how they all influence each other, but in the end may simply boil down to dyads (how you relate to each person separately) and, ultimately, how you are with yourself. Not that a triad can't ever feel like a "basic unit" - I'm sure it can. I mean more that the strength of that unit can be increased by strong couples within the triad. Maybe. Maybe it makes poly-bonds less stable? This is strange relationship chemistry. So much more to explore

I love that friendship is prevailing here.

Haha, does this mean the four of us are a Y and I'm in the middle? With a kind of loose wheel of agape / attraction round the outside. How many spokes can we grow? (Jokes) I'm happy & calm. Hope Ella hangs together - sounds like she will.

Train wreck averted! (Perhaps)
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