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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
WOW, that's quite the unicorn you search for! heh
Naw-not really. We're not searching. It would be awesome-but we aren't holdling our breaths, putting out ads or even looking.
If it's meant to be-it will be. If it's not-the opportunity won't arise.

In hte meantime what we are searching for is to enjoy what we do have.

I think that is key to where most people go wrong.

They spend their time neglecting today in hopes of finding tomorrow. There is no other woman here right now. BUT today is wonderful! We're learning, we're growing and we're loving one another. WHY would we be focused on "what if?"

That would be wasting the time we have together today.

Some things in life you plan for and strategize for. Falling in love is not (my opinion) one of them. People walk into your life and walk out as well. If someone walks in-and falls in love with us-and we with her GREAT. If someone walks in and falls in love with Maca and he with her-GREAT. If someone walks in and falls in love with GG and he with her-GREAT. If someone walks in and wants to be part of the family as a friend or "extra aunt/uncle" etc GREAT. There is no "slot" they need to fill. They will be who they are and fit in how they will. It's all good.

It's ok to say "wow this would be awesome" but once you set your mind to searching for it-well then you are on a road to misery if you ask me.

"Love As Thou Wilt"
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