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I'm doing OK. Loving this site a lot and learning more is always a definite plus in my book.

So, how am I doing in particular today? I'm actually trying not to overthink about someone I met about a month ago, who actually surprisingly (or not surprisingly) revealed his interest in polyamory. Not the reason why I am here, but it was something that sparked my interest in him further. I haven't openly told him exactly how far I've researched this topic by myself but there was a sense of comfort knowing we may actually be somewhat compatible (despite the age gap).

That said, it's early days and I enjoy every moment with him. Sometimes, it's as if someone punched me in the gutt -- but in a good way. Letting out all the stale air and breathing in freshness. I apologize if I sound like a Downy commercial.

The butterflies in my stomach are not complaining. Hope you're all doing well, too!

Cheers! xo
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