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I know. WTF, right? Welcome to the wonderful world of Child lack-of-protection Services. But if she tries to just say "no fucking way" then she's in breach of the custody arrangement, and they can take the kids for that. Their reasoning is that he has never hurt the children, and he wasn't in jail for anything "violent" per se... just for breaching the restraining order. He's even threatened to keep them for good, and the system still won't cut him off or even arrange supervised visits. It's a fucking joke.

She's speaking with a lawyer about going back to court to re-visit the custody arrangement, but these things take time. At least in the meantime, before his trial, there's a restraining order that includes the children, imposed by the police, so that takes precedence over CFS's decision and the custody agreement. But if the trial comes and goes and the restraining order is somehow lifted by the courts.........
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