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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Maybe you and your husband, and some other of her friends, could all chip in and send her to a Model Mugging course, so she can learn to deliver a knockout blow to an assailant. I attended only a graduation a long time ago and learned a lot just from that, taking a course would be a good investment. They even teach them how to deal with assailants who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, which affects their responses. You say you took a self-defense class yourself, I would hope you found it useful - perhaps sending her to one would be a better investment of time and energy than guarding her every night (and the sex), especially if she is feeling disempowered by her ex's assholish treatment of her. It might really help her self-esteem in a more lasting way than getting it on with your hubs or anyone else would.
Yikes... $450 USD for the course and $800 airfare and probably $300 for accommodations (she doesn't live anywhere near any of those locations) plus passport and finding childcare for three days... I really wish that were an option, but we certainly don't have that kind of money lying around... and most of her friends are in the same situation she is, which is to say flat broke. But her parents have some money, and something like this is probably a good idea.

I will also suggest the local Wen-Do class. It's much more affordable and I know it certainly helped me feel more confident when I've needed to walk in places where people shouldn't walk alone. More than anything, it taught me TO fight back, which I think is the most important part. Technique is obviously important too, but even just screaming "NO!" in their face and making it obvious that you're not going to just lie down and take their shit goes a long way towards self-protection. That and walking like you're not afraid of anything

I haven't mentioned it, but her dad's actually a cop too. I'll tell her to ask him if they offer anything, since children of cops can sometimes be at risk of retaliation from the criminals they arrest.
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