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Originally Posted by ImaginaryIllusion View Post
November 28, 2009
"Love is 1 man, 3 women and a bed built for 5"
Fabulous mag/ News of the World (England)
"I know it seems strange to most people, but I don't believe monogamous relationships are natural"
I think Poly would do better to present itself on it's own merits not in comparison to the mainstream norm of monogamy, as this writer does when they quoted this woman. I think we would all do better to keep to the good points of polyamory rather than the negative parts of monogamy. It is counterproductive I think to point out flaws and more productive to point out positives.

"Having sex with so many people suits us all perfectly. I can't imagine life any other way."
Ya, great, this makes polyamory look good. *sigh* this is why I struggle with calling myself polyamourous when this is what some people in the media chose to portray... Heeeellllllo, it's not just about the sex (that bed sounds awesome though.... alll snuggly and cozy tee hee.)
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