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I strongly agree with what CielDuMatin has stated, which I surmise is in accordance with what others in the community would say.

Now, I'm no wise elder of said community. I'm fresh off the boat in this strange new land, but my wife and I have done some deep, deep conversing about what our relationship is, and what it would be with others.

I don't want to lose the man I love with all of who I am.
If he really is poly, you're not in risk of losing him. The only loss you'll experience is of your own creation. You wont even truly be sharing him, as his love for you will not diminish, nay, would likely grow through this journey.
Most of the fear of loss comes from our societal programming that we can only love one person at a time. If this were true, our children would be in a tough spot...

The main idea that poly folk have that is hard to grasp is the concept of a capacity for infinite love.
This is it in a nutshell. Wrap your head around that, and it'll be smooth sailing, more or less. There's always going to be squalls and swells, but if you've got your rigging on tight and your sails set correctly, then have no fear and enjoy the ride.
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