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Default A Whole New World

Hello Everyone,

I've been lurking for about a week now and have gained an abundance of knowledge from this site (along with some other sites).

I'm just gonna start and try to make it as short as possible

From the beginning I always knew I thought differently from society. I never understood why people chose to only be with one person for life when we are hard wired for love, emotionally and physically. I always thought people went against their animalistic instincts and just did what 'they were supposed to do'.
I knew I was fully capable of loving more than one person and didn't understand why it wasn't ok to do so. In fact, I have loved more than one person before for many years and always held that fact in.

Flash forward 12+ years. I find myself still feeling this way and finally decide to google it. Low and behold there is an entire community of people that share my beliefs and even a name for how I feel... suddenly I don't feel alone.

I love my husband very much, he is a huge part of my world. I also feel that every love is different, it can never feel the same as another (past, present or future).

I told my husband my feelings 4 days ago and how I truly would like to live my life. I explained to him that it is something that I have never been able to turn off and it's always there, under the surface. He took it better than I expected considering only one of my friends has been the only person that knows that I have felt this way for so long.

Flash forward to today. Hubby has been having many ups and downs, which is expected. I feel relieved but guilty for hurting him with my honesty. I explained to him that I would be so happy for him if he ever came across love with another woman as well and he seemed bothered by that, but I will divulge at a later time.

In order to stay short, I just wanted to introduce myself as I begin this journey, wherever it may take me...

Thanks for listening
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