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Cool Poly-curious

The other week I gave my beloved wife Permission to see, date and sleep with other men. A few insightful conversations led me to believe she had such desires. I think she was rather surprised by my making the offering; but extremely pleased. We were married when she was rather young (20). Her brother and sister have been traveling the world. Where as she's mostly stuck at home with three children. I began to sense that a part of her felt caged.

We can't afford to travel the world. Children are already here. So about the one thing in my power to do was to give her more personal sexual liberty.

Even she doesn't know to what extent she'll pursue things, though the is a good chance she'll pursue things to an eventually penetrating level. I think I'm mostly okay. Though not sure one knows how they'll truly handle it until it happens. I do love her very much and want her to be happy.

As for myself. I like the idea of poly-fidelus marriages. Though I could potentially see myself enjoying others as well.

What I'd really like to do is explore some more open sexuality. Skinny dipping in pools and rivers, sex with my wife in the same room as another couple having sex, strip poker and other erotic games, etc. Enter the world "softly".

There is one guy at work my wife was kind of interested in and thought might have been flirting with her. Alas, he did not respond to her Facebook request, and is a little bummed about it. I tried to be sympathetic for her.

Anyways would love insights into events & places to make soft entry into. Too many personals are crude and over the top for me. I'd just love to find like a clothing optional pool party type thing.

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