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Your initial post certainly gave the impression that you were FAR from content with things. What I suspect is that the advice has made you very uncomfortable because it has gone a long way beyond the immediate situation and has started to delve into some of the underlying stuff.

If you want to take control of your own growth, here's what I would do. Identify some very specific things that you feel you could use some help with, based on your own self-assessment and ask her to help you with those by being a mirror. Because the way you have portrayed her "help" isn't very constructive - it sounds like she is just picking at you and finding fault, and then explaining it away as only wanting to help you improve.

Most people say that I am a "nice guy" - I don't finish last, and I'm not a doormat to anyone. Getting relationship advice from AskMen is like women getting relationship advice from Cosmopolitan. A good man knows when to ask for help and a good woman knows what help to give (not my quote, but from the person sitting next to me). She recommends as a far more interesting and balanced site which has some great articles. Maybe take a look around there? Try doing a search for "nice guy" and I think you will find something of interest there.

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