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Hi Questioning and mobetter,

It sounds to me like you're both coming to the conclusions that are right for you, given your similar (though not identical) situations. I think you'll continue to have times when you doubt yourself, but try not to let that get to you too much. There's a lot of cycling here, with good days and bad days (and some cycling even within the same day). This is a phenomenon you can learn to cope with better, maybe even smooth out with time and practice, but you may always have some cycling to contend with. Try to accept this as something about yourself that you can get through.

Re (from mobetterblues, Post #88):
"I would be a fool to ignore your thoughts, and those of the other people contributing to this -- especially Kevin, who is a diamond geezer as we say in London."
Why thank you sir, that sounds like a compliment to me.

Anyway, I appreciate your updates and hope you'll keep those coming. And don't be afraid to vent, we need to hear that too, in order to get an understanding of the nature and dimensions of these cycles.

Regards all around,
Kevin T.
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