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Originally Posted by AutumnalTone View Post
He can't report the possibility of sex until he knows there's a possibility of sex. There's absolutely nothing to report prior to that. Faulting him for not reporting what he didn't know seems quite silly to me.

Srsly. I don't see anything hinky in this.
Oh he knew all right. He knew that he wanted to bang her. What he didn't know is whether she wanted to bang him.

Not infrequently he'll see a nice ass on the street and tell me that she'd be fun to fuck. Obviously, in those cases, there's no real possibility of sex but he tells me anyway.

But I fully agree that there's nothing hinky about it. I never said he wasn't trying to get away with anything, nor did I for a second accuse him of that. I just wanted him to know that I like it when he tells me how he's feeling, even if there's nothing to get worked up about. For his part, he was just trying to protect me, and I understand and respect that.
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