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So on facebook I am apart of a plyg group where basically we are all interested in it or live it. In this group we talk about food, children(or the desire to have them), religion, everything. Most of us have never met in person though. I was really suprised when I first brought up that I was pagan to them. They were pretty accepting and I learned that a few of them had alternative faiths. The admin of the group posted something that said "keep calm the goddess is alive and magic is afoot" and tagged me in it because apparently the saying reminds her of me in more ways thatn the obvious. one of the new member didn't understand why she posted it so I explained I was pagan. Lets just say I'm going to hell and that I'm a bad person. This doesn't suprise me much because I know there are people like this out here in the world. I met 31 of them when I did a speech on it for my university communications class, but not even they attacked me like he did. I didn't even attack his religion. Then he basically said that every one in that group that doesn't believe in Christ is Satanic and will not enter heaven. I guess it didn't help that I have come to terms that IF my beliefs are wrong I am fine with that. It was just suprising. This was the first plyg/poly finatic I've "met". Everyone is uusially laid back about people who are not in their relationships choices.
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