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Originally Posted by Adam View Post
Firstly, I too am on OKCupid and share your progress. I am starting to feel that such sites are merely for men to pursue women and women to receive attention.
I'm an old, fat guy and I average a couple of visitors a week on my OKC profile. I receive a new message at least once a month. I send a couple of messages out each month and get a response from one in five.

Nobody who has contacted me has stated they find my handsome mug compelling--it's always "I read your profile and found it interesting." Update your profile regularly. I suspect writing notes/blog posts/whatever OKC calls them would also garner some interest.

And my new partner approached me on OKC a few weeks back. I suspect that illustrates that the site isn't just for women to get attention from men.

So, while my wife gets much more attention from other people most of the time, I'd say that's a difference between male and female dating strategies as experienced in our culture. I never expect to get the obvious attention my wife gets.
When speaking of various forms of ain't poly if you're just fucking around.

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