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Originally Posted by Pretzels View Post
You know, even if people were paying attention (and they generally don't), very few pay enough attention to catch you out at anything. And, of those, a good number just don't want to know.
Oh, how I wish this was true. I have a super public job in a small area with super judgey people. My life is lived under a microscope. The whispers when the wife and I publicly separated and announced we were getting a divorce was huge and when I started dating there were more whispers and pointed fingers. It's settled since then, but this would be a bridge too far.

Originally Posted by Pretzels View Post
As for holidays and other events, don't be too hard on yourself. You're going to make a few missteps here and there - not realize that Easter is a bigger deal in one household than another. Some folks make birthdays into big events while others barely acknowledge them. You'll get a feel for it as you go along.
That's how I figure it will work. A lot of trial and error and stepped on toes. The reality is that there will be a lot of "two holidays" which were already the norm for me with split families on both sides.
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