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Default Why Only sex ?

Roly - you asked a valid question when you said "Why sex only?"
But don't we all really know the answer to that.
Really ?
From what we've seen and thought about the answer is pretty clear in it's mechanics. Philosophically of course it's not so easy.
Mechanically - "love" is risky. Dangerous. You can become damaged in ways that medical science can't heal. Opening your heart to people opens you to those risks. Not a lot of people make to their 20s or beyond without some "heart wounds". Reluctant to risk that again.
The "sex" is simple. It's ONLY sex. That's a saying we've spouted many times ourselves. The risks are easier to identify. The means of avoiding those risks are pretty well documented. There is at least "some" hope of healing if it goes bad. It just seems safer waters for most - so - they're willing to go there. And some people are really good at walling themselves off (emotionally) from others.
But then - some aren't. And down deep, some don't really want to.
So the "fear" - or the "opportunity" - depending on the person still remains.
I guess our beliefs are that "sex" can be a powerful gateway for SOME people - maybe one of the only ways they are capable of opening up. And for that reason we're more reluctant than some to jump to outright condemnation of what most may term "recreational" sex.
Some other people may cling more rigidly to a more philosophical, more ideological perspective. We see that evidenced here in this thread. That's "their" truth. And that's ok - as long as it harms no one.
But there's not only one "truth" in the world. And it seems key to us that acknowledging that, even embracing it, in a sincere & loving fashion, is the path we're trying to walk.
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