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Just wanted to comment on your post - since I'm not a Unicorn I'm not someone you would be interested in.

Your post stands out from a lot of the rest of them for various reasons, and I think that this will increase your chances of being successful on your search. You recognise that what you are searching for is a long-shot, and have said that you are willing to consider other options. You have described yourselves, too - which tells a person who they would be getting involved with. It never ceases to boggle my mind how many leave that stuff out, making them look totally anonymous (and slightly creepy, in my book). Someone once told me that they weren't going to reveal that because then it would cause the female to need to ask. Well, guess what? They won't bother.

So I really wish you luck, and wish that others would follow your lead on how to write a more compelling personals post...

"Listen, or your tongue will make you deaf." - Native American Proverb
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