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Smile OKC Couple Looking for a LTR with a Bi Female

Hello all, brand new to this forum.

Couple from OKC, 33 years old.
He is Matthew, Straight.
She is Heather, Bi.

We have been around the "swinger" community for a few years now, but never really happy with it. We get looked down on by vanilla friends that know for being "swingers." We get looked down on by swingers for wanting lasting relationships and refusing to be bed hoppers. We have had one long term relationship with another couple that ended about a year ago. We have been cautious about it since then, as we want to find the right person, and not just jump back into anything for the sake of being in it. At this point we miss parts of that relationship and are interested in exploring it again.

To describe ourselves:

Him: I consider myself funny and easygoing. I am very eclectic in most categories. I like a wide range of activities. I enjoy writing, photography, and reading. I enjoy playing video games, going bowling, mini-golfing, go-karting, poker, board games, hiking, going to concerts, going to sporting events, and just about anything else as long as it is with good company.
I enjoy most types of music, TV shows, movies, etc. I love comedies the most. I don't enjoy depressing movies. If you tell me You have to see this movie, it had me bawling like a baby... I probably will never bother to see it.

Her: I love both going out and staying in. I enjoy a date night out, hitting a club, having some drinks and relaxing, but I also enjoy cuddling up on my couch and reading. I enjoy watching movies and tv shows, and prefer crime dramas, dramas, comedies, and romances, or a combination of those. I am usually up to at least trying new things. I love to listen to music, but don't have a lot of time to. I enjoy doing crafts. I especially enjoy things that can be done socially.

To describe each other:
Him describing her: She is sweet and wonderful. She can be really shy, but can sometimes surprise me, and occasionally embarrass me. She will often be a wallflower until you get her going, but she will typically respond well to playful, nice people.

Her describing him: He is funny and outgoing. Very quick and witty. He loves to flirt and loves women that will escalate his flirts. He is the kind of guy that makes friend in the check-out line at the grocery store, the gas pump, the barber, in an elevator, on a plane, or waiting for the light to change while at a crosswalk. And I don't just mean he will strike up a conversation with them... I mean they just seem to fall in love with him. One conversation and they are inviting us to their kid's birthday party or to meet their family. I don't understand it, but I guess he just makes people really comfortable.

Describing our interests:
Right now we are mainly looking for a playful female. We can't say a couple COULDN'T interest us, but right now we are mainly looking for that mythical unicorn.

It would be great to find a woman that we can be friends with. Both of us. Someone who could go shopping with her, or go out to lunch with him. Someone who we could take to the comedy club, and have a few drinks and a few laughs, but also someone who would be happy cuddling us on the couch and watching a movie. It would be awesome if she could be serious when needed, but goofy, giggly, flirty, and playful the rest of the time. We would like a woman who would interrupt a movie in order to drag one (or both) of us back to the bedroom because she wants to play, but also enjoy cuddling up and falling asleep together. It would be nice if she could drop by for quickies, or if she could hang out all night. In the bedroom, we would love her to be eager, and needy, and for us all to work together to fulfill those needs. Someone that we would be comfortable having over around other "vanilla" friends (or co-workers), and she would still have a good time. A happy woman with a great smile that she shows off frequently is one of our biggest turn-ons. A woman that is always in a bad mood and mad at the world and everyone she knows all the time is one of our biggest turn offs.

And there you have it, End of Prologue... lol
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