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Default OKCCouple from OKC

Hello all, brand new to this forum.

Couple from OKC, 33 years old.
He is Matthew, Straight.
She is Heather, Bi.

We have been around the "swinger" community for a few years now, but never really happy with it. We get looked down on by vanilla friends that know for being "swingers." We get looked down on by swingers for wanting lasting relationships and refusing to be bed hoppers. We have had one long term relationship with another couple that ended about a year ago. We have been cautious about it since then, as we want to find the right person, and not just jump back into anything for the sake of being in it. At this point we miss parts of that relationship and are interested in exploring it again.

I will post a longer description in the Dating & Friendship section to include what we are looking for. Nice to meet you all and looking forward to meeting new friends.

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