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Originally Posted by NovemberRain View Post
Okay, for you, dear grrl, I went back and read it again. 'Mine' was the one that got me. (he's only taken to that recently, like just prior to our vee)

And actually, both of them do versions of 'that's my name, don't wear it out'. Like, if I say 'goddammit,' FBF says, 'consider it damned.' And the veto on the stupidest name? It wasn't a name, but I said something, and FBF said 'don't ever say that again.' Then he made up a new word and had to say it a few times and then vetoed it himself.

Oh, and I was so overcome before, I neglected to mention, in addition to being a fabulous story; it's such beautiful English. I don't think you repeated a single adjective, and you did that without it feeling forced or edited for that. Regardless of subject matter, I'm a total sucker for beautiful English.
Yesss, I absolutely love that bit. And, wow, this *did* line up particularly well with your life, didn't it?

Also, SCORE, I had to do sooo much editing to remove repetitive words and make it flow, so if it didn't seem that way then the work paid off.
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