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Is it bringing nobody home period, or just not being intimate in the home? Lots of people ask for no sex in their home with other partners, especially in a small house with kids, but being able to bring a romantic partner around as friends is something that might be OK for some of those people.

If your husband is home when you'd want to have people over, it seems pretty important that he might want to get along with the other person - and you might be surprised that how your husband feels today, he may feel vastly different about it a few weeks from now.

And if I wasn't able to have a partner over here, then I'd stick to dating people who are able to entertain me in their home, or I'd fine a nice inexpensive motel for the more intimate date nights. I happened to wonder sometimesabout renting a small office space for a love den - some of them have bathrooms and they're much less expensive than an apartment - seems so tawdry, but in a sexy way.

Wish I had more useful advice. I met both my husband and my boyfriend on, lots of people meet people in groups for hobbies and whatnot.
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