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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I agree with Quath... nothing has worked better for me than establishing a relationship with those that my husband associates himself with. Without that there is misunderstandings and confused communication. With my boyfriend and my husband I have been known to tell wither that they have to talk to each other rather than through me. The more communication they have the better for all of us.
How much of a relationship should there be between 2 people who just happen to be dating the same person? I feel we do enough...we get along when the 3 of us hang out, we have a nice time when we occasionally hang out just us girls, when i try to not be shy we are able to communicate pretty well. I dont see what else there can be, she herself told me she didnt expect me to become her best friend that she just wanted to get to know me better (which she has), hang out occasionally (which we do), and be able to be ok friends (which i think we are...or maybe im wrong there?)

March 26, 2009

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