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Hey, Mahogany, nice to meetcha and thanks for responding! I do want and need to feel comfortable most definitely, not wanting this situation to spiral. I think part of it comes from that it's a little too early for me to consider my partner leaving on a trip with one of our hookups separately (for 4 days) so early on in our relationship, just 7 months in. It didn't happen, but now I have an inkling that something like it potentially could somewhere down the road. I'm trying to work hard on processing all of this...and fight my own inner demons that put the green monsters in my brain. I kinda wish we had more of a foundation built first without the extra layer of the open part of it. But it is what we both wanted from the start. Hence, it's taking more work to build this foundation, figuring out all the ins and outs of the relationship as each unique idea/dynamic comes up.

I'm trying to convey that I don't want to feel excluded. And afterwards he's says that wasn't the intent... that after they had solidified travel plans (if they had) I would've been asked? But, again, the trip didn't happen.

Mahogany (AND NYCINDIE, nice to meetcha too!) I have little to go on when it comes to Dennis as we haven't had much communication since the night we met and a couple of texts, so I'm going to see what it's like when the 3 of us are together again, which will actually happen this weekend (our 2nd meeting). I might not be as interested as I was originally. I wholeheartedly agree that conversation amongst the three would make more sense, and am having a hard time understanding why my partner wants the conversation only A+B, leaving C out until we are in-person. The reason of it being hard with lines crossed doesn't seem to be enough of a good reason for me, as long as we're effectively communicating. I will have a better understanding of how communication can and will work after this weekend. If I feel compelled to reach out and contact Dennis on my own, I would like to without upsetting my partner, of course. Especially since we both met him together, and he likes the both of us, I don't see why he only has communication with one of us... there seems to be a wall up about this decision, with little to no leeway... even after communicating my concern about it. Hm.
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