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Well he said he would mind, and I believe him. I would probably also mind but he's far from bringing someone. It was me who started talking about breaking up. Somehow he had wanted to carry on our relationship...
So there is a bias in this whole situation.

I could never relax when my SO is around, our house is too small. No, bringing someone simply wouldn't feel okay, for none of us - the kids included.

I had a short relationship with a girl some months ago. My husband knew this from the very beginning and we always met at her place. This was possible because she had a place of her own, but not everybody has (I haven't ). Still it was complicated as she lived in another town 35 miles from here.

Some days I feel hypocrite in this situation. In these moments, I think I should make a clear cut and just move on. Raise the kids in a 50-50 model with him, but start all over again. On my own.
The next minute I am convinced that it is society that makes me think that way, because this is what you are supposed to do if you want to share your bed with someone else. That's why I think I might fit here anyway. I don't want to base these vital decisions on what society thinks is supposed to happen, but I want to listen to the people involved.
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