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Default Drained..

I've been having a lot of issues with my teenage daughter the past few days. Her disposition goes from sullen and depressed to full out screaming drama and threats over the smallest perceived slight; it's been a roller coaster. Also, Hubby has been struggling with not being able to find a boyfriend that sticks. He has had a couple of friends with benefits but nothing serious...and he longs to have a loving relationship with someone, just like I have with my boyfriend. And when Hubby is envious, hubby gets cross...and a bit jealous. Sigh..

We're also seeing some small schedule changes due to the b/f's wife's work hours changing. Nothing outwardly major, but it will likely lessen the amount of one on one time we are spending together. As much as I'd like to see more of him, I'm a bit unsure when to schedule that time now.

Really looking forward to the weekend kids and the hubby's working both days. Maybe I can finally de-stress :P
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