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Originally Posted by Jansen View Post
Very few novels have exactly what they are about on the cover. If they do, they usually either sound ridicoulous or don't sell at all. I think people like what you call "false pretenses". A bit of surprise is usually quite enlightening.
The Hunger Games? Harry Potter?

I mean, not to burst your bubble, but those are easily two of the biggest sellers in recent memory. Most books actually end up going with titles that relate to the contents, when they're not shooting for subtler, but still THERE, narrative, poetic and/or thematic elements. "Threesome" as a title, in this case, is a blatant lie to the reader, designed to draw hir in with the promise of sex. Just cause, I'd say, for a frustrated customer to throw the book across the room or delete it from hir e-reader.

Titles are hard, yo.
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