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I have a 6 year old. Much of his life is threaded through my stories and in sharing my life on here. Especially in the spring when I first came on here and in our recent coming out threads, if you care to look.

In a nut shell we went through discussing how to approach Mono staying over, me not being home at night sometimes, what to do about sleeping arrangements whilst camping and most recently about the threat of him being taken away and my parents accusing Mono of mistreating him.

It's been an interesting ride but now has settled into something like Rosevett talks about but on a smaller scale.

My boy knows that Mono is family and has asked that he be. He has welcomed him with loving arms and cherishes his presence in his life. Mono looks after him often, picks him up at school, watches cartoons with him in the morning, makes his food, showers him down before bed... all the stuff a parent would do. He does stuff with him that neither his Dad nor I are interested in and my boy LOVES that! It makes me very happy. They have plans together and if I spend too much time "hogging" Mono, I get into trouble.

I love that Mono leaves disciplining and decisions up to us. He discusses strategies when need be, but always respects that he is our child and it's our choice how things will be done. Mono has a 16 year old daughter so his experience has been invaluable.

I can't say enough that the more love a child gets the better. Spoiling them with more loving grown ups around them is by far the best that they can have. Why would we not want to give our kids the best?
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