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Originally Posted by loveboston View Post
How did a thread that started out as an introduction by a loving couple digress?
It's a conversation, and conversations tend to do that! It's perfectly OK per the rules of the board.

Isn't it odd that those who claim to follow Jesus find so many reasons to discuss and vehemently debate opinions that teach us how to disobey His teaching that we are to love one another? Even our enemies.
Well, "love your enemies" was and still is a radical teaching. The Old Testament certainly did NOT teach that, and many people still tend to hate their "enemies" as the Israelites hated the Moabites.

The members of our own household are unfortunately, often our greatest enemies. It's always been very sad to me that the members of the so called church practice and preach hatred, judgment and condemnation under the cloak of belief in Christ.

And we wonder why those who don't believe Jesus is God shun us as the hypocrites we tend to be.
The Bible is a very VERY old collection of writings, which contradict each other and confuse many. The OT was written to encourage the traditionally polytheistic peoples to follow just one god, Yahweh (who was conflated with El, a god of Babylon). Most of the OT is nothing more than myth. There is no actual fact about Israel written until about 700 BCE, when Josiah saw the northern kingdom (Israel) assimilated by Babylon and superstitiously and forcefully tried to wipe out Asherah religion in hopes to get the power of Yahweh on his side, Judah's side, militaristically. Read the Bible, it's all in there. (Most Christians do NOT read the Bible, but just cherry pick.) I spent 7 years reading the Bible and associated books, 2 hours a day. I highly recommend Biblical literacy.

The Bible was written for an illiterate audience, first in Hebrew, then in Greek. It was preached and interpreted for the masses and no one could legally own a Bible until around 1500 CE. Scrolls of this or that book of the Bible floated around in different communties, according to their preferences and needs. New sacred books were written and later condemned. Revelation was not added to the canon officially until around 1600. It was seen as craziness until then (and it still is crazy sounding until you understand it was written about Nero or Domitian, and not as a prediction of end times).

Christianity is an awkward combination of polytheism, Yahwism, Babylonian and Persian religion, and Greek mystery religion (the dying and rising god associated with seasonal changes and fertility superstitions), all combined with the politics of 2000 years ago. Add in, they didnt have the benefits of modern science and knowledge of psychology we have today, and of course, it's going to be a mess of disagreements in the Christian communities today! It would be "odd" if it wasn't, in my opinion.

Personally I don't know why any thinking person even bothers to try to "follow the Bible." It's an impossible task without extreme cognitive dissonance being put into play.
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