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He returned home as of my boundaries is no overnights....that may change as time passes, but I don't think so. I asked him if sex happened, he said yes. And I am not hurt, not angry, not jealous, not sad. It actually excited me (I must be a perv) so I ask for a general run down....not too detailed, just what sexual acts. This was by phone, he texted me once he was on his way home.

He came to bed, I was happy he was home...we talked, and he asked for sex.....I didn't try anything because I didn't think he would be in the mood, and I wanted to respect his experience with her. I was surprised and happy he wanted me when he got home.

So things are more than fine for now.

Novemberrain - thanks for the reference, I read it....great thread. And thank you for letting me know I am normal. And thank you for sharing your first experience.

I hope others will share too.....
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