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Guess this is a kind of e-threesome All in a good cause (job seeking, which C really needs to do). May explain the first bit of my dream in my previous post too

me: got a favour to ask you... Carob... see, he promised me he'd finish his CV last night
Ella: yup
me: he promised he'd do this, otherwise he'd be in trouble
basically he's not allowed to orgasm til I get there unless you give him permission (thought you wouldn't mind helping out... )
I suggest (but it's up to you, of course) that you at least make him wait til he's finished his CV
Ella: Ohhh. You're rough.
But fair
me: I think that would be appropriate
Ella: Certainly, it would be worse for him to not have clear consequences
me: Yes. Indeed. I'm sure he'll appreciate you helping out. And I definitey appreciate your help Mm, one thing that I've found to be kind of fun (cos I mean, it's only fair you should get something out of this deal too) is making him wank himself to the edge and beg for it, all the while you yourself not really being sure if you'll let him cum or not... til the last moment
I generally find myself saying "no"
for some reason
but there's always that glimmer of hope in his eyes
so beautiful
thanks for the pro tip
This should make up for last week
(which I think you know about)
me: no worries. I don't want to be presumptuous... but we do learn from each other's experiences
yeah I did hear about that

(Carob didn't let E cum without permission last week.)
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