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Default In the Beginning....Your First Time???

Well he found a partner, we all met today and talked. They have a past, won't go into it but if you want to know....just ask. She is great, fine with my boundaries and everything.

Being excited, he asked to go see her tonight. I told him I was OK with it. They have my OK to do what they please, sex between them can happen. He is there now and surprisingly (in this moment I am fine). I have been for the last hour. I am a bit anxious/nervous, not sure why. I feel excited though too and not sure why. I'm even turned on in a way....for some reason (is that normal?)

I keep thinking to myself, "how can I be OK with this, when everything and everyone (society) preaches against it??"

Is this normal? How did you feel your very first time (the first time your primary knew you were out with your partner, or knowing your primary was out with their partner)?

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