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Originally Posted by Quath View Post
It sounds like she isn an extrovert who is not use to dealing with introverts. So I think you should make the move to communicate with her. Let her know how confused you feel and how you are trying.

Just because they have been doing this longer doesn't mean they have everything worked out. So it doesn't soundlike you are making any newbie mistakes. It sounds more like communication issues. I think you should directly talk to her instead of through your boyfriend.

I wish you well.
Thing is I'm scared to say anything that might sound negative to her because I'm quite sure she will just decide I'm a bitch, she doesnt like me and not allow my bf to see me anymore, which would totally suck and break my heart. So I'm trying to stay quiet and do what she says so I can stick around, I kinda figure if I just go along with her she wont mind having me around. I know I said in my last post its what I'm tired of which makes it confusing lol I just dont want to upset her.

I just thought she would have more experiance with being comfortable with other girls around her husband. Isn't it something you get used to or learn to live with when you choose this lifestyle?

March 26, 2009

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