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Default Drama

This is a good, practical discussion for me to read about.

We've had an open marriage for six years.

I've only been intent on meeting someone for the past two years. I had a lot of soul searching to do and I wanted to understand as much as possible before I moved forward.

For me it's essential that I find a way to make sure I'm not being predatory and that I'm being as transparent as possible.

I've had 2 dates. One has led to a plutonic friendship the other was a complete disaster.

In both instances I was transparent about being in an open marriage. In retrospect I could have done a better job learning about who I was talking to, first.

I really like both women.

My plutonic friend is complimented that I find her attractive but not interested in being secondary.

My dramatic never wants me to bother her again encounter thinks that Iím a perverted womanizer.

Donít want to go there again.
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