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Default fighting feelings

Hello everyone! I am new to this forum as well as to a mono/poly relationship. I need some major help and hope I came to the right place. My husband of 6yrs has told me recently he is poly. He also broke the news that he has interest in a coworker. I am devastated. Came outta nowhere! He has said that he does not want to proceed with her any farther without my blessing. Tears were shed on both parts. He says his feelings for more are as strong as ever. He just wants to explore a relationship with this woman. He says its just talking right now. So what I have done is some research to try and help us thru this. We were and still are best friends. I can see how much this is hurting him. He does not want me to be hurt(too late) and he's terrified I am leaving(I'm not). The woman thinks its odd I know about them. I am a little concerned for her feelings. My question is should my husband try and explain what a mono/poly relationship his? How would you go about bringing it up? I am still confused,hurt,scared and angry. But... I love him dearly and want him happy. After he "came out" he's been much more relaxed and happy. Like a weight is gone. I have so many questions but I would like to talk to someone privately. If anyone has any words of wisdom or anything and are comfortable doing a pm would u please let me know? My head is spinning and I feel so lost. I'm not giving up. I want to do this. I am 100% mono. Please someone help me!!!
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