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Default Working through, coming to an end?

Haven't written for some time and things have really changed in the past month and a half. We did communicate about things, then last week I let a bomb go off. I told Blu that in the early years of our marriage , I had had an affair.
I figured if we were going to set out on a poly amorous course that I needed to come clean about that, so that we could move in an honest way. But of course , it didn't go over well. I had been keeping it a secret for far too long.
And of course, she doesn't trust me now.

So point taken that it would take years to get to a true poly amorous situation, especially now. She might just seek out a new monogamous relationship. I am willing to work on the relationship with her and we will probably go to counselling.

She did see Bent again, who told her his relationship with his gf was an open one. But now she doesn't want to see him because she links him with me. Hard times.
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