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FYI, you could sign up at meet up as Jane Q Smythe, you don't have to be your 'real' self. My local poly group advertised on meet up and I used November Rain to sign up there. AND, you can see their calendar without signing up; I think a lot of groups are 'private'. My local group is also on a facebook group and I participate mostly there. But I had to go to the meeting to find out about, and get in ~ because the fb group is completely private.

Originally Posted by JaneQSmythe View Post
The only poly socializing I do is here on the forum - I don't know any polyfolk IRL (I started to try to go to a MeetUp but was but off by how much info I had to give to sign up).
Interesting questions, hyperskeptic. I knew one couple, self-identified poly. Friends from another fringe social group, and the guy works with CBF. I called him when I was in my first days' hysteria about 'can I really have two boyfriends?' He was very reassuring, mostly by telling me I'm smart and capable. He and his gf are unicorn hunters, and were in a phase of giving up. (I sent them the link to the fb unicorn group that was posted here a while ago)

So, most of my poly socializing is online. However, I met one terrific friend (and her tangle) FROM HERE. Right in With a capital P and that rhymes with T and that stands for TROUBLE. Not really (I saw Music Man last weekend).

When I discovered I was bi, and shortly after, the gay community (way back before it was even dreamed of being called LGBQTXYZ), I decided that 'bisexuality' was not enough in common for me to hang out in identified 'bi' groups. Sex was just not the biggest interest in my life. And back then, I wasn't hearing enough talk about love to keep me interested.

Dropping into the poly community, feels very similar to me in the way I dropped into the gay community. However, it's a much broader focus, and it is pretty far off the mainstream, so I very much enjoy participating, increasing my participation and just being able to be with other polyfolk. It's really nice to say 'my boyfriends' without having to go into the long explanation, or having to defend it.

I doubt I would be happy living in any exclusive community.
Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own...
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Me: female, bi, (formerly hinge of a vee)
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