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Default I love Jesus

Being a Christian is a relationship with Jesus. I love Jesus. I love the fact that Jesus encourages me to love even when itís not convenient.

The fact that Jesus was a Jew is as significant as the fact that Iím an American.

My desire to love cannot be limited by the constitution of the United States, the bible or any other book or opinion.

The bible is the words of men explaining their opinion of god. Jesus alone is the Word of God.

The church is individuals who obey Jesus command to love Him as God and to love each other equally.
Religious organizations that take money are businesses. The church is people who give love freely to each other.

My wife and I both love Jesus as our God.

Neither of us has ever been monogamous.

This is a second marriage for both of us. We both hid the truth from our former spouses that we loved others.

My wife has a male friend who because he loves my wife is one of my best friends.

Weíve determined that there is nothing inconsistent with Christís teachings and an open marriage.

Having an open marriage means that we are extremely honest with each other about everything, especially love. To lie and deny that we love others would be extremely deceitful.
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