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Default Still looking for new connections

Alright, I'm back! And still looking for my Tribe. My wife and I are stronger than ever and always keeping an eye out for anyone we can connect with socially and spiritually. Finding enriching and healthy friendships with others that share a passion for life and an understanding of the poly lifestyle is important to us. Anything romantic and potentially sexual is not our priority, but an idea and fantasy that just might manifest in time. To be honest we've not really had a serious long term relationship with anyone yet. Sure have had interests, and sure have met people, but nothing has panned out. I can't say we've been looking diligently, just patiently.
After witnessing friends of ours, two separate couples, do a full on permanent swap, we decided to ease our search for the right person/people. We really appreciate the relationship we share and would like to eventually share a sacred intimate connection with someone else. We are open to men and women, however we are leaning toward bringing more feminine energy into our lives. Hope to get some feedback on this post and hope to meet some new people in the Eugene, Oregon area. Please hit us up and see where it goes.
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