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I think your friend may need to work on some self-healing BEFORE getting involved in any type of male-female relationship again. If she doesn't, rather than being helpful it could actually get in the way of her working through her healing process. Sometimes we have to feel the aloneness...the start to deal with it. If we jump right into another relationship...even of a different nature...we can allow ourselves to be "distracted" by the dynamics of the relationship and not have to focus on ourselves.

One doesn't typically go to a friend for "therapy" of most any kind. I'm a therapist...a damn good one if I do say so myself! But, I don't have my family or friends come to me for therapy. I might make suggestions or share thoughts if asked, but the deep work of therapy requires an objectivity and distancing that doesn't work well within personal relationships. And I don't depend on myself when I need therapy....I go to someone else...and NOT one of my friends who are therapists no matter how good they are.

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